External polyurethane release agents

A wide variety of PATTM-PU-release agentsis available for your specific application. No matter whether you need aqueous, solvent-based or high-solid PU-release agents, PATTM-PU-release agents offer technically efficient solutions. A single application is frequently sufficient for numerous de-moldings.

Internal polyurethane release agents

Due to the large number of different applications and polyurethane-systems standardized internal release agents for the processing of polyurethanes are not available. Thanks to our special competence in developing customized solutions, we are able to develop customized internal PATTM-release agents, however, which are perfectly suited for your process! Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!

Such customized internal PATTM-release agents have been developed since years in close cooperation with both customers. Due to the trend of increasingly shorter cycle times, the omission of applying external release agents leads to a considerable increase in productivity and thus to a significant reduction in production costs.

In addition, we have been able to satisfy requests from many customers to eliminate post mold treatments such as de-greasing, abrasion or priming, prior to further processing, e.g. bonding or painting, by optimizing the surface properties of the molded part with the help of our PATTM-release agents.