Impregnation and Laminates

Wetting Agents

PATTM-wetting agents already reduce the surface tension of resin solutions at very low dosage levels. Thus, the resin penetration into the impregnated paper is improved, more consistent, & a smooth and even surface film is produced.

In combination with PATTM-catalysts, PATTM-release agents and an eventually modified resin a perfectly closed laminate-surface with high gloss can be created.

PATTM-wetting agents are environmentally friendly, low foaming, transparent liquids, which do not disintegrate during normal laminating temperatures. Color variations and surface blemishes will not occur during lamination.

Release Agents

By using internal PATTM-release agents even at low temperatures and short pressing cycles (less than 10 sec, for instance), a contamination of press plates is avoided and a closed laminate-surface is achieved. Hence, there is no need to use external release agents.

By removing resin and pigment residues constantly from the press plates, PATTM-release agents also show a cleaning effect (results vary from grade to grade). Thus, for instance during CPL production (Continuous Process Lamination), there is minimal accumulation of residue on the press over long periods of time so that high quality laminates can be produced continuously without problems.

When using internal PATTM-release agents, you will be able to achieve shorter cycle times.

We offer internal PATTM-release agents for UF, MF, MUF, PF and MUPF resin systems for various application areas: A wide choice of environmentally friendly products is available for your needs!


For impregnation resins used in overlay and decorative paper, we offer a comprehensive selection of direct and latent PATTM-catalysts for UF, MF and MUF resins for LPL, HPL and CPL processes. All catalysts show a high efficiency, leading to a reduced overall consumption.

All offered PATTM-catalysts are compatible with all other PATTM-product for an integrated impregnation additive system approach.

PATTM-catalysts contain no halogens. Thus, no harmful decomposition products may be formed during incineration. As PATTM-catalysts have a neutral ph-value and do not react corrosively, press surfaces are not corroded and the pot life of the resin is not affected.


PATTM-plasticisers generate a considerable improvement of the flow characteristics during the pressing process even at low dosages. By increasing flexibility, they improve the post-formability of impregnated papers. During lamination, bending radii of 6 mm and less can be achieved without problems.

Porosity and cracking are effectively reduced. The surfaces of laminates show excellent quality.

PATTM-plasticisers react with impregnating resins almost completely. The dryer exhaust air, therefore, is virtually free of volatile organic components which stem from PATTM-plasticisers.

Anti-blocking Agents

Under the impact of moisture & humidity, uncured impregnated papers tend to stick together (blocking), when in sheet or roll form, due to their own weight. By adding PATTM-anti-blocking agents to the impregnating resin, this effect can be suppressed and rejects due to unusable papers can be reduced, effectively.

PATTM-anti-blocking agents are available for aqueous acrylic, melamine, urea and phenolic resins as well as for water and solvent based PF-resins.

Levelling Agents

Impregnating papers with high loadings of resin requires the usage of PATTM-levelling agents in order to be economically feasible, if fast line speeds are required. Surface quality, & dust suppression are much improved.

Dispersing Agents and Clarifiers for Al2O3 and TiO2

PATTM-dispersing agents for Al2O3 in liquid overlay applications ensure good stability and homogeneity of the aluminium oxide dispersion subsequently improve the transparency of the impregnated overlay.

Al2O3-particles are coated with a thin layer, which reacts completely during drying with UF or MF resin.

By using PATTM-TiO2-dispersing agents the opacity of impregnated paper may be improved while at the same time its cost is reduced. Let us show you, how!

Antifoaming Agents

Due to their composition, PATTM-additives are overall low in foam. Should a foam reduction become necessary, we offer several products just for this purpose.